Established in 2005, B.N.D helps companies and individuals reach their maximum potential.  Whether it's increasing profitability or market share, dealing with problem employees (or a problem boss!), improving one's customer service, or evaluating a franchise opportunity... we can help.  Need assistance fleshing out that RFP response?  We've got it covered.  Looking to take your skills on the open market?  We can help you prepare for that, too.  Whether it's for your company or yourself, B.N.D. has the experience and expertise to assist you in reaching your goals.  We offer three decades of combined experience in areas such as human resources, marketing & advertising, department management, small business ownership, and much more.  We've been bosses, employees, and colleagues; we've had experience in single-function roles, and have experienced the "thrill" of wearing many different hats at the same time (and yes, wearing multiple hats can be a fun at times... but other times?  Not so much!)  In short, if you see a service on our list, it means we've been there and done that -  and we're more than willing to help out business people who are encountering one of those "I need help" moments. 

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