Welcome... we have some questions for you!
Are your customers telling you that your customer service, well, isn't?  Is your company experiencing employee problems?  Perhaps you've decided you're finally going to go into business for yourself, but you're not sure how to proceed.  Maybe you're already in business... but no one else seems to know it!
Well, rest assured... you're not alone in any of these things.  There are of thousands of people out there just like you.  The question is, when you've done everything you know how and it's still not working - who do you turn to?  When you're the boss, the buck stops on your desk, and everyone is looking to you for answers - but who is it who helps you out? In the past, the answer was simple: no one.  But, that's all changed.  

At B.N.D. Business Development, we've been you, and we've been in your shoes.  Frankly, we got tired of it.  We decided that a company needed to exist, one that helps business people in getting answers to things that fall outside their area of expertise.  People just assume that the boss knows it all - but an honest boss knows better.  With that fact in mind, our little venture was born... and we've been assisting small business people (and individuals seeking a career change) ever since. Who are we? We're B.N.D. Business Development... and we're here to help.